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"WANTED" North Tongass Fire Department Volunteers


October 06, 2003
Monday - 12:55 am

Ketchikan, AK - The North Tongass Fired Department Chief Steve De Chellis said the North End Service Area is slowly getting the apparatus and equipment that are needed to help
perform their duties. But the Chief stresses, most importantly we need volunteers.

The Fire Chief said he can't express this issue any more clearly. "Without the people to operate the equipment and to respond to the emergencies, the startup time for the Fire Department will be later, rather than sooner." De Chellis said, "Yes, we have been training hard for the past several weeks, but we need your help to do all of those tasks that a Fire Department performs."

Volunteering is much more than just fighting fires and responding to medical calls, said De Chellis. "It's a whole lot more than that." Two other important areas in which people can volunteer their time is in support services and in auxiliary roles said the Fire Chief. De Chellis explained, these two particular duties do not include fighting fires or responding to medical calls. These volunteers play a vital role behind the scenes.

The Fire Chief and the department's ten volunteer members are asking the North End folks to play a major role in "your community." Chief De Chellis said, "Now, is a great time to help each other. We will supply all of the proper clothing needed to fight fires, all of the free training to respond to emergencies and all you have to do is to volunteer once a week for training and to respond to roughly 80 to 100 calls per year. That's all there is to it."

"To start a Fire Department from nothing has been quite challenging and we need your help," said Fire Chief De Chellis.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering or any other issues about the North Tongass Fire Department drop by the North Tongass Fire Department at 7332 North Tongass Highway or call 247-5521.


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