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RE: "Stop Feeding the Beast"

By Stephen Eldridge


September 09, 2015
Wednesday PM

Mr. Brooks, the Alaska FairTax (FT) Director continues to spew FT propaganda that is false and misleading. He once again pounds on the evils of the current system which we all agree with, including those of us who favor a very flat income tax. He claims (falsely) that "The IRS would be terminated and collection of consumption taxes would become a state level responsibility." That is false on all levels.

First, the FT is NOT a state level responsibility. The FT is a FEDERAL tax and the FEDERAL govt is fully in charge of the FT - we will NOT have 50 different State FT's doing whatever they decide. The States may be merey AGENTS of the FEDERAL govt and working under the direction and control of the FEDERAL govt.

Second, while the IRS is technically "defunded" the FT is a Trojan Horse that will bring us back the old IRS with a vengeance. The FT economists conveniently "assumed" that there would be no cheating and no voluntary reduction in spending - indepnedant economists all believe that evasion/avoidance would be ENORMOUS. Thus, the FT will be say $600-$900B SHORT. The 16th Amendment will not be repealed in 7 years and Congress will repeal the FT's laughable "Sunset Clause". To plug that $600-$900B hole, Congress will enact a NEW Income Tax (Hello, old IRS).

Third, after that NEW income tax is enacted, Congress will be able to raise tax revenue, without enacting new taxes. Congress will merely enforce those rules in the FT to audit COMSUMERS, by looking at ALL of the consumers' finances to determine total soending and demand to see all FT receipts.

For a fuller understanding, see

In closing, I must give Mr. Brooks credit for admittting that a simple flat income tax would be a tremendous improvement over the current system.

Mr. Brooks, if you think your arguments would prove the FT better than the Flat Income Tax, the why don't you set of a webinar for a full and fail debate on the topic (we can agree on a neutral moderator). This would give you a great opportunity to win the debate. Readers, stay tuned and watch to see if Mr. Brooks' is confident enough to accept my challenge.

Stephen Eldridge
Cosby, TN


Received August 28, 2015 - Published September 09, 2015

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