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By Wiley Brooks


August 27, 2015
Thursday PM

The Internal Revenue Service has reported that hackers gained as many as 330,000 accounts. Cyberworld hacking is a relatively new phenomenon. Its growth not only threatens our national security but individual rights and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Politicians and enduring bureaucracies are far too slow to react to this growing menace. In recent months it has been reported that 21.5 million people were swept up in a colossal breach of government computer systems resulting in the theft of a vast trove of personal information, including Social Security numbers and some fingerprints. Previous government agency records hacked include the White House, State Department, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). A politically devised bureaucratically controlled government agency cannot keep pace with today's fast-moving high-technology.

I submit we stop feeding this growing menace – REDUCE AND IN SOME CASES ELIMINATE THE INTRUSIVE GOVERNMENT GATHERING OF VAST AMOUNTS OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ON PATRIOTIC LOYAL AMERICANS. Here is a quote from Dan Pilla (founder and director of the Tax Freedom Institute) discussing the IRS hacking story: "This is just one more reason we have to consider fundamental changes to the tax system. Not even a flat tax will fix the problem of ID theft since a flat tax still requires both the filing of tax returns and the blizzard of information the IRS lusts after. Only a national retail sales tax can solve this massive problem because only that system can once and for all dam the river of data flowing to the federal government."

There are signs politicians understand voters are fed up with a burdensome, complex, intrusive and economically damaging system that is administered by a politically corrupted IRS. During the recent Republican presidential debates several candidates voiced a preference for a simplified flat tax, or; a plan to end the income tax and replace it with a consumption tax. Two bipartisan bills have been introduced in the Congress to answer the mood of voters. House Bill (HR 1040) would amend the Internal Revenue Code to provide taxpayers a flat tax alternative to the current income tax system. Modifications to this bill are being promoted by 2016 presidential candidates. The other bipartisan bill is the FairTax® bill (HR 25/S155) which would abandon the income tax and replace it with a national consumption tax. The IRS would be terminated and collection of consumption taxes would become a state level responsibility.

Both a simple flat tax and the FairTax® would be a tremendous improvement over the current income tax. But, I side with our founders who rejected an income tax because they envisioned a free and prosperous nation without a government imposed acquisition of personal property. A flat tax continues to confiscate personal property, violates privacy rights, funds a 100,000 staff enforcement agency with a $12 billion budget, burdens individuals and businesses with record keeping and filing requirements, and; continues a system that supports an army of lobbyist to corrupt Washington. Over a century of history is evidence it will never stay simple or flat. The FairTax® (HR25/S155) will send hackers to the unemployment lines. Voters should not accept any form of income tax. Remember to urge your representatives support the FairTax® bill. At join with millions of others to support the most researched tax reform legislation ever presented to the Congress.

Wiley Brooks
Alaska State Director
Americans for Fair Taxation
Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 360-0113


Received August 22, 2015 - Published August 27, 2015


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