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Haida Corp. Concern
By Lisa Krieger


September 21, 2012

Ms. Natkong, it is nice that you make clear by being open directly to the public and express concerns. Maybe you should try to petition the matter and address it in a meeting with other shareholders. And if you are correct on the information you display, you're right, it is a group decision in all accounts. Spending money in this economy while the country struggles with the high cost of living, social security stresses and Health Care.

I may not be a Haida Corp. shareholder, but my dad was. So I voice my opinion because it may help you and benefit the other shareholders. As long as the spending will PROFIT the people, then there is no threat.

TO BORROW?? Well that is scary during this economy. Our country is already in debt, why put a small village corporation in debt and make your family do without. It's your family. Your corporation. Your land. I applaud you for voicing your concern openly but then again, I addressed my corporation for possibilitiy of financial gain.. maybe my idea would help you guys too? Good luck to you.

Lisa Krieger
Ketchikan, AK

About: "My dad was a shareholder of this corporation. I am doing what I can to help. I am currently on medical leave and hope to be back to work soon. I see this person can use some inside help."

Received September 17, 2012 - Published September 21, 2012

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