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Haida Corporation Shareholders
By Frances C. Natkong


September 15, 2012

First of all, the $20 million the President and Chairman of the Board are hot to borrow should go to a shareholder vote, I've heard they are meeting with the lawyer on the QT. If I'm not mistaken it takes a full board to agree to even talk to the lawyer. Again, I would like to know why there are only two board members making decisions? It's time for a change in officers. The President and Chairman should step down and let someone in there who knows what's going on instead of trying to figure out how to spend more of OUR money.

The shareholders have a right to know why the election was put off until November and have a right to see the financials! I'm getting very irate that no one seems to know what's going on but those two or three! It's our Corporation not just the President and Chairman's. It's time to report their earnings to the IRS and to get a lawyer so those that helped HC go broke will have to pay the money back. OMG, it's time to stop spending NOW!

Haida Energy will never fly, never! There was a chance at one time that it could have worked but those two chose to make Haida Corporation their personal bank account. It's time for them to step down before everything is exposed for what it is, EMBEZZLEMENT!

No one gets replies to anything, I'm still waiting for copies of policies and procedures as is my right as a shareholder! I would like to applaud Toni Bitonti, Lisa Lang and Vinny Jameson for trying to do the right thing and never stopping even though they get left out of all decisions.

We, the shareholders voted in ALL the directors to work together not just the select few. Time for it to stop!

Thank you for your time! Decisions should be made by the entire board!!!! Thank you, Lisa, Toni and Vinny, keep up the good work.

Frances C. Natkong
Hydaburg, AK

About: "Concerned Shareholder of Haida Corporation. Lifelong resident of Hydaburg."

Received September 14, 2012 - Published September 15, 2012



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