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Road construction
By Shannon Smith


September 09, 2010
Thursday PM

I DO NOT share the sentiment of the last two people who sang the praises of the construction work being done on our roads.

I, infact, am ready to be done with it now. I question the reasoning in starting such a project a week before the tourist season and I wonder why it is not complete yet.

I question the reasoning in starting additional major projects on the north end, downtown and now up near the high school as well when you still haven't finished what you started.

I question who taught the "slow/stop" sign guys how to read since there have been numerous occassions where I have been waved forward while they are holding the "stop" sign my direction. Last week, I almost got clobbered by a giant dump truck who proceeded across the road in my path while the traffic director was waving me through. I wonder who'd get the ticket on that accident???

I question how much longer this is going to continue on.

My car is torn up, undoubtedly needing repair work from all the enormous potholes that swallow my little car whole. Tar has been splashed all over the front end of my car that I can not remove to save my life. I am fed up with not having access to the roads I need to get to and I am SO ready to have you finish up.

It is great that you smile while you are out there, but the guy in charge of this circus needs a kick in his butt.

Shannon Smith
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I am the one in scrubs, crawling out of my tar covered car, looking haggard and irritated while rushing to a job that I am late for because I couldn't find the entrance to the hospital."

Received September 08, 2010 - Published September 09, 2010


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