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By Penny Warner


September 21, 2007
Friday AM

Regarding the letter by M.E. Cleveland concerning nitpicking, she is correct that education is the key. She is not correct in her mayonnaise treatment nor in telling parents to bag items for months or throw things away.

The key to getting rid of lice is to get rid of the nits and the only way to accomplish this is through removing all nits from the hair. Mayonnaise may make this a simpler task, but it will not kill the lice. Hair conditioner would work just as well sans the smell and the mess associated with mayo. I have treated hundreds of children whose parents tried the mayonnaise trick, as well as the old olive oil remedy. Obviously, it's not working.

Lice need to feed every 3 to 4 hours and once off the head, their survival rate drops dramatically as most will die when the first meal is missed. Some lice may live up to 24 hours, but at that point they are dying and will not have the energy or strength to crawl back onto a head and hang on. Nits are not viable at all off the head and therefore pose no threat if found on the sofa, bed, chair, etc. Therefore, there is no need to bag anything or throw anything out. At most, all that needs to be done is change or wash the bedsheeets, throw the bedspread/comforter and pillows in the dryer on high heat for 20 minutes and wash brushes and combs. That's it. You're done.

Penny Warner, BSN, RN
Missouri City, TX

About: "I am a Registered Nurse and own and operate an evidence-based, professional head lice & nit removal service company. We have been in business almost 2 years and have treated hundreds of children and their families."

Received September 16, 2007 - Published September 21, 2007


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