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Nit Picking
By M. E. Cleveland


September 15, 2007
Saturday PM

Just wanted readers and frustrated parents to know that the mayo really does work on head smothers the critters...protects the hair as well versus harsh chemicals and poisons. Also, when we lived in Ketchikan a nurse at Callisto Clinic told us to make sure to eat green leafy veggies, as well as adding a bit of tea tree oil to shampoos and conditioners to ward them off.

This all works PROVIDED everyone in the household is treated, everything in the home is cleaned (hot water wash, very hot dryer...if it can't be washed you can store in an air tight plastic bag for a few months...better yet, consider tossing the items), specifically ensuring that all nits are removed, and that everyone is checked at least once a week...I checked my kids daily, especially after breaks (summer, Xmas, spring, etc).

At my kids' current school in WA children are not allowed to wear hats or return until all the nits are gone, but you always get an outbreak or two during the and diligence are key...lazy parents take note...the problem won't just go away by itself. Good luck with has become an epidemic in America.

M. E. Cleveland
Raymond, WA

Received September 13, 2007 - Published September 15, 2007

About: Former longtime SE resident

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