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By Eileen Small


September 09, 2007
Sunday PM

I again simply wish to state my opinion on the bear issue. I appreciate that some others may not agree and that is certainly their right.

I read Mr. Sallee and Ms.Sherva's responses and I respect their opinion. For me the problem is NOT that I lived in Texas for 10 years but that often people get so tied up in warm, fuzzy, tree hugging that they cannot see the forest for the very trees! If I found a copperhead snake in the front yard of my home in Houston or in the filter of my swimming pool there (which we did from time to time) I took a hoe and relieved it of it's life! I did not feel even the TINIEST bit guilty and it never once occurred to me to do any deep pondering about who was there first---me or the snake!!! I also never pondered lame psychobabble such as "Well I moved into snake country--what did I expect?"

Again there is a place for bears---but it is not in my yard or home however. It is in the forest. Yes, humans DO encroach on wild animals and in my opinion that is simply life and get over it! If I ever find a bear threatening me again, much less in my home, it is a pelt in the making and I don't really care who feels otherwise! Again--if someone wants to live with the bears, they need to go do so---I believe I remember at least on such conservationist and his girl pal who got killed here in Alaska--and filmed ON THEIR OWN VIDEO due to the same mind set within the past 2 years! Possibly these people need to go live in an area with snakes and let's see how they "adapt" in a couple of years! HA!

Eileen Small
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 07, 2007 - Published September 09, 2007

About: "I have lived and worked in Ketchikan for 10 years"

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