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Cruise Tax
By Chris Elliott


September 13, 2006

Like many other Alaskans who depend on tourism in one way or another, I was appalled when the tax passed. One of the main charges was that the cruise ships were harming the pristine environment. This is the same argument that was used to shut down the timber industry. Some people won't be happy until Alaska is the most exclusive park in the world where only the very wealthy can afford to vacation. It's a shame. But please don't blame all Alaskans. Look to those newcomers who left their overpopulated, smog-filled homes to save Alaskans from themselves. Perhaps it's time to expel all those who have lived in Alaska for less than 25 years and get back to where we once belonged.

Chris Elliott
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Long-time resident (50+ years)



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