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Cruise Ship Tax
By Vic and Judi Vreeland


September 13, 2006

My wife and I were visitors to your wonderful state last year via an 11 day cruise. After reading about the narrowly passed cruise tax vote, we have to wonder what scare tactics were employed to coerce voters to implement yet another tax on visitors to Alaska. Typically an Alaskan cruise is the most expensive to begin with and, in our case, airplane trips to Seattle, Washington, cost as much as the cruise. My wife and I aren't "fat cats." Both of us work for local governments.

This tax, like many others, will merely be passed on to the cruiser and would not affect the profits of the cruise line unless the cruise line cuts back on the number of cruises to Alaska. If there are a million cruisers to Alaska, surely they are spending money, as we did, in each port. We understand "things" are more expensive in Alaska due to the remote locations. Apparently the present tax, port charges and etc., was not enough to fund whatever. I suspect cruise lines will be cutting back on their Alaskan cruises and thus cutting taxes Alaskans will receive to fund their infrastructure. Perhaps if Alaskan government officials would utilize Federal dollars collected from us in the rest of the USA to fund $500 million dollar "bridges to nowhere," (I couldn't resist) middle class Alaskan cruisers wouldn't have to pick up the tab.

We did enjoy our cruise and everyone was cordial, but we now feel Alaskans have given us the cold shoulder. Of course in a few years vacationers contemplating an Alaskan cruise won't be aware of the higher fees but may put off THIS cruise for a later date - or just not go at all. After all, a typical Caribbean cruise is hundreds of dollars less than an Alaskan cruise. I know it is going to be $100 tougher for us to come back. Perhaps the underlying reason for the tax is to lower the number of visitors to Alaska. Now that would make sense.


Vic and Judi Vreeland
Cedar Creek, TX - USA

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