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Retort: Divisions
By Don Hoff Jr.


September 09, 2006

I would like to respond to Anita Hales retort to my opinion letter, "Theft of our Lands in Ketchikan - The Dark Days". My writings of the true owners of the lands taken away illegally are the foundation of our Tribal land claims in Ketchikan, Alaska and surrounding ancestral lands. It was my intention and opinions to tell the public the darker side of the stories I have been reading in Sitnews of all the glamour - fluff writings on mining, fisheries, and logging exploitation of all our natural resources that belong to our Native Peoples in Alaska.

There is movement by our Alaska Native Regional Corporations now to acquire more Federal Government lands to fulfill their obligations of Alaska Land Claims Act of 1972. There are four Communities in the Southeast Alaska that were left out in the early days of the land claims; Ketchikan, Petersburg, Wrangell and Tennakee Springs. In order to correct our situation with our Tribe in the Ketchikan area was to bring forward our Taan ta Kwaan history, land claim and what happen in Ketchikan.

I do appreciate your "why don't we all just get along" opinion letter and welcome debate on our dilemma in Ketchikan. To perpetuate our tribes from extinction is to get our land base back. I disagree with you about prejudices. I believe discrimination and racism is alive and well in Ketchikan and Alaska. The State of Alaska does not recognize Tribes, Indian country or our subsistence rights. How absurd is that and how is that not discrimination? If it weren't for Native Corporations, Village Corporations, Non-Profit Native Corporations, Native Health Clinics and other government agencies, Indians wouldn't have any meaningful jobs in Ketchikan.

In closing, what I want is what rightfully belongs to my family and Tribe -- land base to perpetuate our culture and history for the survival of our Tribe for future generations. We truly live in a brain-washed society thinking that we are created equal and there is justice for all -- but really means, "just us".

As for Craig Moen's one paragraph statement critiquing my opinion letter, I was articulate enough to get your attention.

This is my own opinion.

Don Hoff Jr. aka Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanaax adi Clan
Yei l Hit
Taan ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA

About: "Aan Kadax Tseen aka Don Hoff Jr., Past City Councilman and Vice Mayor - City of Ketchikan; Past Board of Director - Ketchikan Public Utilities; Past O.S.H.A. Review Boardmember - State of Alaska; Past I.R.A. Councilman - Ketchikan Indian Community. Tongass Tribe member of the Gaanax adi Clan, Yei l Hit (Raven House). "


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