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By Anita Hales


September 06, 2006

I read Mr. Hoff's letter and feel that this type of attitude is not healthy for anyone to have. It really doesn't matter what it was like a hundred or more years ago. Are we going to keep letting past predjudices dictate continuing destructive behavior.

There has been ongoing tribulations in Ireland because somebody did something and displaced somebody. There is a violent war going on in the Middle East that has lasted for hundreds of years because somebody believes their religion is right and everybody else is wrong and they should die for it.

It really does no favor to the indigenous people to keep feeling bitterness over past wrongs and perceived unfairness.

We can't change the fact that slavery existed in this country and still exists in the world. We can't change the fact that the Indigenous Americans were treated unfairly in some respects.

We can't change anything about the past but we can make the future a better place with what we have.

We can become involved in good works and deeds. We can help others and treat them as fairly as we know how. We can make a difference by being who we are NOW not what we might have been but are not because of circumstances we can't control.

No good can come from stoking fires of predjudice and bitterness by any party, race, creed, religion, or political entity.

It's up to us to get over it and be the best we can with what we have to work with.

Anita Hales
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: " 40+ years in Ketchikan. I love Alaska and its people."


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