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Where are we going?
By Robert McRoberts


September 08, 2006

I have to say Iknow under stand why so many people never vote. Our election process has just about become a joke. The other day before I went to vote, I went over my thoughts a few times in my head. Should we tax, or not. who I wanted to replace Frank and so on. But when I went to the voting booths I then had to decide which ballot to use. Why do the republicans get their own ballots? Why are there such a political differences? I thought we voted for the people, not the party. Why should I have to chose a party in the first place? That made me angry at the system.

I thought about running for Borough Assembly, but as a friend reminded me I would have to spend time going over all the B.S. that is pushed and every one would be calling me on the phone offering me bribes during the day when i am working on your time. No I could not take on a job like that and do my work too. But I will take a shot at Borough Mayor next time it's open. At least then I can put away my iron toys and concentrate on the job of Mayor.

I think Mr. Kiffer and some new blood would be fine. But let's not go backwards. If you live in the city, vote for Sam Bergeron for City Council. He's no harm. He's not afraid to voice his opinion on no more sales tax. We have to work on making it easier for all classes to live here - not just the guys driving around in their BMWs and Jags. For the life of me, why can people not be happy with what they are given? No you always want more. Same thing with the Bridge.

Somehow the bridge became the most expensive project around. Sure we could use a bridge to Gravina, one that just took off from the ferry terminal and landed on sunken boat island. I could care less if the cruise ships could not go under t- hey can still go around the island. But then if I was able to make things happen, I would build the highway from Ketchikan to Canada and Petersburg. There would then only be one ferry running to Bellingham. If you were going farther north, you'd drive to Petersburg and catch the ferry making the circle from Sitka, Juneau and Lynn Canal. I just can not understand how anyone could afford to go to Hollis then to Coffman Cove to go to Wrangell. I do know most POW residents would rather not come to Ketchikan though.

I would work with everyone that wants to improve life, not complicate it. I think if there was a road out of town, air prices would become more compatible to other places. I would hold lotteries and dump all the land the borough owns on Gravina Island, puttingit on the tax roll. Maybe even more then 50 people would live there. I would pull the plug on the Ward Cove deal. I would really like to see a recycle plant go in out there taking in all southeastern trash and making things from it. How many beer cans would it take to make a boat? Plastic milk jugs turned in to lumber. I could go on and on... Well maybe I just did.

I would like to say to Anita Hales, very well said. Let's move on.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Long time resident of Ketchikan and business owner.


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