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When only sending the best will do...
By David Hull


September 09, 2005

With all the talk about the "bridge to nowhere" and what we should now do with it, this community should take pride in the members of the Ketchikan Fire Department that have left and are standing by to assist in the disaster that Katrina has wrought. I know what it is like to travel to a situation such as this. I went to Ground Zero 6 weeks after the towers fell. Chief Rich Leipfert and the City of Ketchikan Staff responsible for covering for the teams that are now in the disaster area have taken a bold step to reach out from thousands of miles away to offer help and hope to the stricken victims of this catastrophe. This is a true example of the Alaskan tradition of Neighbor Helping Neighbor.

As a member of KFD and Chief of the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department, I understand the sacrifice that Chief Leipfert, the remaining career staff of KFD and the volunteers of KVFD have dedicated themselves to in order to make this happen. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let this community know that Ketchikan will be well represented. The members already in the area, including locals, those from other organizations already on scene, and those poised to relieve those members when they return, carry with them our wishes that we could go. Through their efforts we all get to help.
So to the residents of Ketchikan and Chief Leipfert, the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department stands ready to do its part to assist in whatever way we can to provide added help and emergency response whenever it is needed. All you have to do is key the mike.

David Hull, Chief
North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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Ketchikan Fire Department teams help in Katrina disaster relief - Two two-person teams from the Ketchikan Fire Department left early Wednesday morning for Atlanta, Georgia to help in the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief effort. Rich Leipfert, Ketchikan Public Safety Director, said the teams are being sent in response to a Federal Emergency Management Agency request for teams with at least firefighting and emergency medical technician level training. Leipfert said, "When we contacted FEMA about the travel arrangements they advised us that the sooner the better. The team geared up for a departure the next morning." - More...
Friday - September 09, 2005


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