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Is library included in plan?
By Rhett Jackson


September 06, 2005

Is this going to happen? Is the library going to be in this building? If not then go back to the drawing board and put the library in here too. The concept is striking but the location of the library is for the people of this town and I feel like downtown is becoming nothing but tourism to the exclusion of the people of Ketchikan. So naturally I want to see the library remain here before the people of Ketchikan are locked out of their own historic town.

A museum is more for tourists than residents than a library is. I don't want to see a garage door close on the tunnel every September but if the downtown becomes nothing but tourism that might as well be the case.

Mind you I don't think there is anything wrong with drawing in the tourist dollar because this is the business we are all in now-a-days. This would be a unique focal point for the town. If this plan does include the library then kudos for you!

Rhett Jackson

Ketchikan, AK - USA



Concept for a new, expanded museum for Ketchikan



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