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By Marie Monyak


September 06, 2005

Isn't viewpoints great? Thanks to the Kauffman's we have a forum to air our views and opinions. So we talk and talk (or write). But when do we stop the talking and DO something? We have all been watching the victims of Katrina, I know I can't watch anything but news channels since the hurricane. I started to get mad, real mad, by this past Friday. There have been politicians, celebrities, government agencies and military leaders all talking about who is to blame, who's fault it was, that aid wasn't forthcoming. I was furious at the time they wasted just talking instead of doing something.

Then I realized I WAS DOING THE SAME THING, complaining, about them complaining! That's when I stopped... I picked up the phone and called Rob Holston who is the Coordinator for the local Hurricane Katrina Relief Event here in Ketchikan.....and I volunteered. What about you? Yes you.....reading this...have you volunteered? We have an event planned for Saturday September 24th from 6 to 10 PMat the Ted Ferry Civic Center.

We need more volunteers, from simple things like taking tickets at the door, to setting up for the event. We will be getting the tickets from the printer in the next day or two and we'll be selling them all over town. So here it many of you have complained, even once, about how our country helps people all over the world.....but not here at home? WELL Ketchikan Katrina Hurricane Relief EffortHERE IT IS, YOUR CHANCE TO HELP PEOPLE RIGHT HERE IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. Just do it! Come on Ketchikan, think of what it would be like to lose everything! Try to go without your cell phone and car for just one day and you'll be chewing your arm off! These people have nothing! Can't we all just donate a little time, one day or more to help? We all feel so safe in our little paradise. If we are so fortunate, can't we do a little something for those who aren't?

VOLUNTEER, JUST DO IT! See the new link on the front Page of SITNEWS. The purple box on the right side titled "Ketchikan Katrina Hurricane Relief Effort" for more information.

To VOLUNTEER OR DONATE call or email:

Rob Holston; Coordinator for Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort
225-6919 or 617-2262 or holston(AT)

Marie Monyak; Chair Person for Ticket Sales and Donations
247-2472 or mlmx1(AT)

Marie Monyak
Ketchikan, AK - USA




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