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Re: The "Elite" media; KIC; and Where are...
by Brandi Conway


September 28, 2004

Mr.Neckameyer, isn't it funny how the press will whine about their freedom of speech, their privacy rights and how they are afraid their first amendments rights might be violated. Here is a group of people who don't care about the rights or privacy of others and will take advantage of running someone through the ringer as they do with George W.Bush. However when it's them being run through the ringer they hide behind our constitution.

Dan Rather of CBS and anyone else who was involved in the story about President Bush and the National Guard papers proving Bush went AWOL or refused to go to his physical exam should be held accountable for their actions. I say fine them and make sure it hurts their pocket books. I say they are suppose to be professionals and failed to act accordingly. They should have researched and dug deeper for the truth instead of printing lies.

I guess we will see within the next few months where the truth really lies. I don't care what new garbage John Kerry or the Democratic Party tries to come up with about President Bush. I can honestly say that I support President Bush 100% and will be voting for him again.

On the subject of KIC: I am starting to believe that the problems going on at KIC or that went on at KIC are of personal ones. I see too many natives bashing each other or degrading one another by pointing out all the wrong doings. Why is it that no one is trying to find a way to work together?

We keep reading about the wrongful termination of some ex-employees of KIC. Were they wrongfully terminated? That I do not know. I only know if they were terminated for no good reason then they can file a complaint against KIC. That's where it should be handled. Not in the news papers, or the radio, not even as gossip around the table drinking coffee. The problem with stuff like this is you only hear one side of the story and I am not even sure all that is the truth. So let's keep the trash for the garbage cans and save us all from being put in the middle of personal battles.

Regarding Where are the moderate Muslims now? by Emily Katz, I can only answer your questions with my own personal opinions - which does not make it the right answer.

For starters it's not only your religious people who lend a helping hand or aid the poor or needy. For the most part you have people who are spiritual but claim no religion but do have a belief in god. Which god? I do not know.

Now for the religious fanatics who will sacrifice themselves or kill innocent people to get their message heard or their brother or sister released from some prison, all I can say is that anyone killing in the name of god"or father" is using religion to carry out their own morbid doings. To rid the world of people who do not think the way they do. Let's not forget also that a lot of those Muslims or religious fanatics are brain-washed to hate Americans. For they see the American people as very sinful people and should be done away with. We are flaws in their perfect world.

Now I believe anyone claiming to be doing God's work that involves violent crimes against another is very disturbed. I think that is the work of the devil more then that of God. I think there was some place or quote from the Bible that stated that the devil's biggest trick (not sure what to call it) was to make us believe that he doesn't even really exist. I know that's not the correct wording so please forgive me if I am way off.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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