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The "Elite" media is even further to the left than I realized!
by Mark Neckameyer


September 27, 2004

Letter to the editor.

This Sunday's LA Times is a clear example of the extreme liberal/left bias of the "elite press"!
My wife and I are regular "Sitnews" readers.  We are real fans of the Alaskan west coast having first vacationed there on a cruise ship for our honeymoon.  Now we visit every chance we get; to fish and to get away from the hot Southern California summers for a week or so just about every year.  I can't tell you how cool it feels to see that beautiful, cool illustration you feature on your front page when we are experiencing one of our late summer 100 degree, desert Santa Ana winds.  We get your news on the Internet and love the way you update throughout the day.  Reading a newspaper that comes once a day, printed at night and delivered in the morning containing virtually yesterday's news seems so old fashioned to us.  
I am a pretty busy person with classes after work and I do some volunteer work as well.  I hear so much about the leftist bias of the so called elite media but I don't really see it much myself as I watch Fox Cable News, don't see the network TV news shows often and of course I get my news from you and others on-line, not from the supposedly liberal leaning New York Times or the Los Angeles Times.   The LA Times is our local paper here in Irvine, California.  After today, I understand how left that bias really is.
I was looking for something to read to make time go by faster this morning while riding the exercise bike at my gym and so picked up a few sections of the Los Angeles Times apparently finished and discarded by an earlier exerciser.  The Sunday Times "Opinion" section was a real shocker, an eye opener.  Here are examples;  Three stories appear on the front page of the Opinion section with headlines.  The story which begins on the left column is entitled "Pouty White People" written by Gregory Rodriguez who is described as a "Senior fellow at the New America Foundation".  His hypothesis  is that Californians, including newspaper columnists in California, have become grumpy and pessimistic because Caucasians, who still earn more than other races per capita, have become a minority race and do not like minority status.  Mr. Rodriguez writes that taxpayers, significantly Caucasian tax payers, will no longer fund projects to improve the lot of other races due to something he calls "Anglo Pessimism". 
The largest article on the front page of the Opinion Section is entitled "America the Conservative by a Harvard professor who is also a director at the Kennedy School of Government.  The sub-headline states that Europe has moved into the 21st Century but we remain locked in the 18th Century and the article is illustrated with a color rendering of modern European flags contrasted with a US flag circa 1776.  The gist of the article is that our military is too big, our welfare state too small and our separation of powers doctrine, especially our Supreme Court are obsolete.  The third front page article of the Opinion section has a London byline, written by Carlos Fuentes who they say has also written a book called "Contra Bush".   It is called "You Scare Us, Bush is Giving Latin America the Willies" ... No description is needed for this article!
Other articles inside this part of the Sunday Times include; "On the Environment, the US is the Rogue Nation" and "Bush or Kerry, Who's Really Osama's Boy", by very liberal commentator Mike Kinsley (Guess which one he picks?!) and "Blogging Sells and Sells Out!" which blames on line writers for causing some of poor CBS' problems.  Even the letters to the editor section has a big headline over it reading "Extent of Iraq Democracy is Debatable".
When I was in college many moons ago during the Cold War, I think it was in Freshman Political Science class, one of our assignments was for a semester to regularly read Pravada, the USSR's daily newspaper.  The professor wanted us to see how ridiculous was the propaganda put out by the Soviet State.  Nothing in Pravda that I read in the 1960s contained more anti American sentiment than what I read in the Los Angels Times Opinion section this morning.  Not only are these columns and the entire section of the newspaper acutely slanted and one sided but they espouse a philosophy so extreme that anybody who truly believed what they say would have to agree that we live in a really awful state and country.  There is no way I could read this kind of thing over breakfast and not become furious.  Do normal people really believe the United States and California are that terrible?  I still cannot believe that the Los Angeles Times publishes this garbage.
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California



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