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Take pride in what you have
by Travis Sharp


September 02, 2004

After living in the lower 48 (specifically the Midwest) for 8 years, it isn't a real shocker to see your usual car tires, grocery carts, plastic bottles, plastic trash bags, ect. in you local trout streams. Does anyone really expect those, "This Stream is in YOUR care" signs to sway bad judgement? It should, but sadly, it doesn't. I'll be the first to admit, while growing up, you do some stupid things. That may, or may not, include dumping 8 quarts of 10W-30 on an abandoned vehicle, to see how well it burns (bad idea). I'm 90% sure this was probably the case at Whipple Creek.

Ketchikan is a really unique place. It's part of an even more amazing and still unspoiled place, that being Southeast Alaska. It took living somewhere else for awhile for me to realize that. Take pride in what you have, and don't dump your trash where it doesn't belong. Pack it in, pack it out. Try recycling, as "tree hugger" as it sounds. I went from 6 bags of trash a week, to 2, by recycling bottle, cans, and plastic. In a region fighting for sustainable resource management, citizens showing responsibility for the environment they live in, will go a long way towards proving the many doubters wrong. DON'T POLLUTE!

Go Kings, beat Juneau.....!


Travis Sharp
St. Charles, MO - USA


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