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Vehicle dumping problem
by Sharon L. Fraley


September 02, 2004

I personally would like to publicly stand up and applaud Jerry for his awareness and efforts to fight the vehicle dumping problem and his acknowledgement of the impact it has on the environment.

We moved here over a year ago from Mat-Su and there was an area there outside of Butte (the "wild west") where car dumping was a FAVORITE past time of the youth. They had actual parties where they would seek out vehicles to take out there, make a huge mess with the glass and oil, shoot it full of holes, then douse in gasoline and watch it burn.

Needless to say, the borough had a heck of a time with the issue which had been allowed to go on for years, and had resulted in having to have special designated clean up days where refuge had to go out and actually make special pick-up dates. Residents were alerted of the dates and they went into the areas and hauled out/gathered the trash to the nearest main road. They would then retaliate by hauling out even more garbage and dumping it and burning/shooting up even more vehicles.

When we drove past the newest car dumped at Whipple Creek, we made the comment "it's starting to look like Butte around here". We know from that experience, that once this activity starts, it spreads like wild fire and is very hard to stop and get cleaned up. I don't think the Butte area will ever be totally "cleaned up".

Again, I applaud Jerry and also urge all other residents to keep this in mind. We've personally seen first-hand what the end result will look like. Keep up the great work, Jerry... and local residents.

Sharon L. Fraley
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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