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Re: Voter Turnout
By Joey Garcia


August 03, 2012
Friday PM

Regarding Ken Lewis' comments on voter turn-out, I simply disagree on his premise to somewhat disallow the PFD to non-voters. He should remember that PFD is not a right but a privilege given to Alaskans whether they answered NO in their PFD application but stayed outside Alaska for more than 180 days, an oversight for PFD to really check if the applicants are not committing fraud.

At the same time, the newly sent Voters Identification Card with the backdrop of yellow color, does not mean you cannot vote without one. An employee of EC Phillips got this VIC and was surprised he can vote since he is not a US citizen. Is this an oversight to the lapses of the Offie of Governor Parnell, or from the Bureau of Printing?

And considering that the same guy said he can vote because he was given a Voter's Identification Card, thus he can also get the privilege of receiving the PFD even if he stays 6 months outside Alaska?

Go get them Mr. Lewis. I need good shoes too.

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 03, 2012 - Published August 03, 2012

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