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Man arrested for breaking in his own home
By John T. Flood


August 14, 2009

It seems convenient to blame the cops for everything, except when they show up to save your life or the lives of one of your loved ones. If they show up because it appears someone is breaking into a home and the person becomes beligerent then they had every right to arrest the subject, I would expect to be arrested if I was beligerent towards a police officer even if I was on my own property. If he had shown his identification at first instead of becoming belligerent, then I'm very sure he wouldn't have ended up in handcuffs.

Sometimes people take the race issue to far turning it into reverse racism, I'm sure this person had an uppety college proffesor attitude and couldn't stand the fact that the cops had the gall to be questioning him and most likely jumped to conclusions about their intent.

John T. Flood
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Military Police Officer"

Received August 13, 2009 - Published August 14, 2009


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