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Man arrested for breaking in his own home.
By Alan R. (Rudy) McGillvray


August 08, 2009

This is about the arrest of that Cambridge professor alleged to be breaking into a home in Cambridge Massachusetts. It is a point that no one, in the drive-by media, the right-wing radio talk show host has mentioned; NO ONE HAS NOTICED.

This man, happened to be black, but I believe it holds true for anyone alleged to be breaking into a home. He proved himself the owner, the cop arrested this man IN HIS OWN HOME, anyway. For alleged, yelling and calling the cop a racial profiler. IN HIS OWN HOME, ON HIS OWN PROPERTY, people.

This strikes me as STATISM folks, wherein the STATE has the power to arrest anyone the STATE deems to be a threat to the security and peace of the community, IN THEIR OWN HOME. Our homes are no longer our castle, except here in Alaska. Praise the Lord. Thank You Raven Decision.

I understand it took only 3 minutes for this man to be arrested, just enough time to determine ownership of the property in question. The cop could have been a good citizen and HELPED the person open the stuck door, but NO he had to arrest this man who is still out on a bond of his own recognizance of liability, and the case has not be adjudicated. (I may be mistaken on the last point, our media sources have not reported the outcome, or I missed it)

This should never have happened people, aren't our notions of Freedom in this country based on the facts that our homes are inviolate to the statist police? That the police have no rights to be on our property unless invited, or allowed through the machinations of alleged wrong-doing? Which is what happened in this case. As soon as it was determined that the man was breaking into a stuck door, the police should have retreated to the OUTSIDE of the PROPERTY LINE.

Yours in effective law enforcement,

Alan R. (Rudy) McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 04, 2009 - Published August 08, 2009



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