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Abandoned Vehicles
By Rodney Dial


August 13, 2008

The Troopers share Mr. Johnson's concerns regarding abandoned vehicles, and we to want them removed as soon as possible. If it were as simple as filing charges we would do so in every instance.

It is a class B Misdemeanor to unlawfully abandon a vehicle. If someone sells a vehicle and fails to file a transfer pending notice with DMV (the part of the back of the title) then they are legally responsible, regardless of if they claim to have sold it.

Unfortunately, many who abandon vehicles do so on their way out of town. As you can imagine the cost to charge and extradite someone from the lower 48 or even another part of Alaska is many times the cost to the government to dispose of the vehicle. You also need to keep in mind that the towing agencies are not interested in taking these vehicles; doing so would cost them money.

The only remedy for the community in many cases is to wait until the borough has the funding and capability to remove the vehicles. Currently this is the most cost effective means for dealing with this issue.

As long as the cost to dispose of a vehicle exceeds the scrap value, this problem will continue to some degree. The root cause is irresponsible and uncaring citizens.

Please continue to call or visit us with your concerns.

Rodney Dial
Ketchikan, AK


Received August 11, 2008 - Published August 13, 2008


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