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Horse Trolleys
By Danielle Diggins


August 13, 2007
Monday PM


I agree with Dawn about the horse trolleys. The horse trolleys have been in Ketchikan for years with out a problem. But now there are people out there that are in too much of a hurry to get from one end of town to the other. During the time I worked for the company we never side swiped anyone. We did have kids hanging off the back of the trolley on skateboards, bikes, and had to deal with impatient drivers all day long. Statistics say that 75 percent of some vehicle accidents happen because of someone talking on a cell phone and weather wasn't a factor. most of them happen 10 minutes from the start of their trip.

To those of you who don't like the horse trolleys try to remember that the people who work for them are only doing their jobs and I don't see anyone complaining about the buses polluting the air or impeding traffic as we all know they do. As for lights on the trolleys it has a triangle on the back which means slow moving vehicle. If you weren't so close to the back you would see it.

Danielle Diggins
Irrigon, OR

Received August 13, 2007 - Published August 13, 2007

About: "I was a long time resident of Ketchikan for 11 yrs. I also worked on the horse trolleys for 5 summers."

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