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Debby's Green Acres
By Chris Elliott


August 13, 2007
Monday PM

We never figured out what to do about the confused rooster who lived up the hill and across the street and announced the rising of the sun whenever the mood struck, although we suspect that someone with a 30-06 did us a favor. As for the neighborhood barking dogs, my husband has had pretty good luck. Once it is clear that the dog owner is deaf & dumb, my husband erupts out of bed (swearing), throws on his clothes (cursing), marches out of the house (swearing), locates the offending animal (cursing), hammers on the owner's door, and (I've been told) lets loose a thunderous verbal attack the owner will not soon forget. This usually does the trick for that night. In the event the owner does not answer the door or is not at home, he will (while whistling "Born Free") liberate the animal who is just doing what poor chained or fenced animals do. Give it a try, Debby. It's very satisfying. With regard to the ducks, I understand they can be vicious and would recommend caution.

Chris Elliott
Ketchikan, AK

Received August 13, 2007 - Published August 13, 2007

About: "Jackson Street homeowner (almost 30 years)"

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