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Elkins has earned his place in Ketchikan's roster
By June Allen


August 26, 2006

I just read a letter in Sitnews signed by one apparently hot-headed Douglas J. Thompson, slamming well known retired-businessman Jim Elkins. I don't know Mr. Thompson or his political views, but in his letter to Sitnews he blatantly vented his persoanl anger on Elkins and Governor Murkowski as a pair. It was a nasty attack, apparently based on generalities -- or maybe on political ideology in general. Mr. Thompson is free to disagree with Elkins, of course.

But in my opinion, Jim Elkins has served Ketchikan well and successfully in a variety of capacities for many, many years. Elkins is an honest man known to have a temper, he speaks his mind, and he has done so at full volume a time or two. He also has worked hard for District 1 in and out of the political arena for many, many years! He is a respected member of his party and he knows what he is talking about when it comes to politics! He has mentored several young men who are now venturing out to test the political waters on their own. He can be proud of his record.

Time marches on. Jim Elkins has earned his place in Ketchikan's roster of political personages.

June Allen
Palmer AK - USA

About: "I'm a former longtime resident of Ketchikan, now living in a senior facility in Palmer Alaska. I know Ketchikan, I know Jim Elkins, and I know what I'm talking about."


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