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Pleased with vote
By Douglas J. Thompson


August 23, 2006

Editor, I was pleased that Ketchikan voters rejected Jim Elkins in yesterday's election. Seems they remembered his spitting in the face of the local electorate when he voted to implement the Alaska Time change, siding with the governor against almost three thousand Ketchikan petition signatures. Also every poll to date has put a Gravina bridge at the bottom of the offered priorities yet he goes with the congressional delegation wishing to push it down our throats. He never gets the message preferring to believe it is some kind of "antiCatholic" vote. In every case he has voted to feather his own nest rather than represent the majority of Ketchikan residents.

I hope the other candidates take note. If the message is somehow lost look at "King" Murkowski, his arrogance may have gone unnoticed in Washington D.C. but here at home it definetly was. He took away the 'old timer' benefits while writing a real sweetheart deal to the oil companies(in a time of record profits for them) and taking our money to buy himself a plush jet! The result was he couldn't even carry his own party as an incumbent.

How about a new concept of politicians representing the best interest of all rather than furthering their own careers! What a radical thought!


Douglas J. Thompson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "I am a third generation Ketchikan resident of over fifty years."





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