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American Pit Bull Terrier Day
By Scott Fulton


August 20, 2006

I read Tammy Sivertson's letter about Pit Bulls and I can tell you that they are the best dog in the world to own. I have had Rotties and now have a Brindle Pit. He is a great dog. Yes he can seem intimidating to some one who he doesn't know, because he will bark.

But he has never charged or attacked anything or any one except his biggest vice - cookies. We have children both young and older and they have their friends over and we have never had to worry. Any dog can be made to be mean if you try hard enough. But if you teach your dog how to behave and teach them manners you will never have a problem with them being vicious. My pit is a 100lb lap dog and I could never ask for a better dog.

When you read about the attacks and bites all you have to do is look at the character of its owner and you will swear it was the same one you saw on the show cops that evening, and besides it makes a better story than the person attacked by a mean toy dog.

Bottom line if you want a mean dog you can have one no matter what the breed, same as children, raise them mean and they can a will do the same damage, maybe more because they can lawyer up the Pit can't.

Scott Fulton
Eagle Point, OR - USA

About: "A person who has owned both of the scary breeds and never had any problems."


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