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KPU for who?
By Charlie Reynolds


August 20, 2006

When I left Ketchikan in 1997 KPU put a 37 cent stamp on a final bill to me for 8 cents. I put a 37 cent stamp on an envelope and sent them a dime with a note (joking) that I would like my change back. They sent me another 37 cent envelope with two pennies in it.

This year when I left Ketchikan again I received a statement from KPU that I have a credit for $28. It seems like they could have just sent a check but no, now I have to either make a long distance call or mail a letter and they will have to spend more on postage. I know it is nickles and dimes but what the heck?

Charlie Reynolds
Roseburg, OR - USA


About: "Longtime resident of Pennock Island and Ketchikan. Married to a homegirl we hope to return for good someday."


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