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KPU - For the People?
By Marie L. Monyak


August 16, 2006

If KPU is so advanced in the field of telecommunications then why, oh why can't residents pay their KPU bill on-line?

KPU has offered internet service for some time now which tells me they are fully wired so they should have the capabilities to bill their customers on-line and offer on-line bill pay.

Years ago many business began offering on-line billing and bill pay as a way to reduce overhead. Paperless billing saves many thousands of dollars every year for countless businesses. Doesn't KPU make any effort to cut their overhead to avoid increases in rates?

Instead of the recent rate increase on the cost of kilowatts per hour, the electric customer charge and the residential water, as well as new customer connect fees; shouldn't KPU be finding a way of lowering the cost to their customers?

In fact, if KPU is a city owned utility then aren't they responsible to the people of Ketchikan? Maybe it's time for residents to take a closer look at our elected officials and the management of our fair city. After all, aren't they responsible for improving the quality of life and looking out for the best interest of the people?

I for one would like an answer as to why they are not instituting this cost saving bill pay system.

Isn't it time Ketchikan moves into the 21st century? Maybe then KPU can offer a downloadable phone book and save even more money.

Marie L. Monyak
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: I fell in love with Ketchikan the very first day I arrived just under 10 years ago and appreciate the lack of smog, traffic, crowds and crime and enjoy the friendliness and spirit of the people. However, I will never understand the implied status of those who claim long time residence in Ketchikan. All that tells me is that their horizons have never been broadened beyond Gravina and Pennock. Living in a vacuum is not something to brag about.



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