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Good govenor?
By Janelle Hamilton


August 18, 2006

When Govenor Murkowski cut the budget for social services programs, many organizations have had to struggle to provide a program with less money for services and employee pay. When the Longevity program was discontinued, many seniors were greatly affected. Not only is the cost of living high in Alaska, with the budget cuts to programs, the cost of oil and gas sky high, many families and especially senior citizens are suffering. I have a decent income and I am struggling to pay for the cost of oil and gas. If I am struggling to try and pay for the cost of oil and gas, how are our families and seniors going to be able to heat their homes and drive their cars this winter? Gary Emard states that Govenor Murkowski has been good for the State of Alaska and that people need to quit relying on a free hand out. Well, I say, send Govennor Murkowski to Washington!

Gary Emard also states that there are plenty of state programs to assist people. I work for a federal organization and know what programs are available for families and individuals. Believe me, people do not get rich applying for state and federal benefits. This idea of "welfare mentality" is bunk! I have worked in the social services field since 1983. I have worked with many families who have struggled to try and live off a measly sum of money given out by state and federal benefits programs. I have also witnessed this same attitude by some employees who work for state and federal programs. I hope that the people who have this kind of attitude do not ever find themselves or their families in a situation that would require them to apply for assistance. I have found that most people who do have to apply for benefits have a legitimate reason. I have witnessed the embarrassment some people feel who have to apply for assistance. I now respond by asking if that person has paid for taxes and most have. I then tell people great, they are getting back some of the money paid for taxes!

Last but not least, does the Govenor really need a jet? It seems a bit extravgant! Here we have a govenor who is cutting programs left and right but sees a need to purchase a costly item like a jet?? Yes, I am sure the reasons people have stated for the need of a jet are good reasons but it just still seems a bit extravagant!

Govenor Murkowski is not indispensible, the gas line will will be a reality some day!

Janelle Hamilton
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: I have lived in Ketchikan for nine years moving here from Metlakatla. I work in the field of social services.

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