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Gov. Murkowski has done a remarkable job
By Gary Emard


August 15, 2006

Despite the whining and sniveling of Tanner, Dunne and others, Governor Murkowski has done a remarkable job for Alaska. He has directed Alaska away from the welfare mentality after eight years of the Knowles disaster.

Why shouldn't the largest state in the Union have a jet? Time is precious, particularly in times of crisis. It is also a convenience in taking care of State business. If the state can afford to dole out $1500 a year to every man, woman and child, it would seem a jet is small potatoes.

Re the Longevity Bonus: This was never more than a welfare program and was discriminatory. There were many who received the bonus only by birth date, and certainly many who were deserving did not receive it. There are plenty of state programs available for those who need assistance.

If Ms. Tanner feels the Governor does not do enough for his home town, just wait until you get the likes of Palin, Brinkley or Knowles. They need a road map just to locate Southeast Alaska, and you can forget about a gas pipeline in the near future if at all.

I wish the State of Washington had a governor with the capabilities of Governor Murkowski. There is a big difference between those who want to be a Governor and the few who actually step up to the plate and lead their states despite the detractors.

Gary Emard
Sequim, WA - USA


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