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What Not To Wear
By Chris Elliott


August 07, 2006

The t-shirt messages mentioned are, in my opinion, inappropriate at any age, but put the blame where it belongs. Wal-Mart wouldn't stock them if they weren't selling. Who's buying them? If they're for "little" girls (or teeny tiny teenage girls), what are the parents thinking? There are so many examples of inappropriate dress for young girls and teenagers. How about the low ride jeans with the short skin-tight tops? When they sit down, you can read the label on their thongs. What is up with that? Who lets her out of the house? The only thing we, as parents, can do is make sure that our daughters realize that while you can't tell a book by its cover, dressing like a table dancer speaks volumes.

Chris Elliott
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: "Mother of 21-year-old female (& others)."


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