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Guardian teams with Diversified Diving


August 09, 2005

Ketchikan, Alaska - In an effort to provide care to all areas of dedicated critical care air transport, Guardian Flight has joined forces with Diversified Diving Service owned by Greg Harrison.  The newly formed partnership will allow the "total care" of people suffering from related diving accidents such as decompression sickness (most commonly called "the bends"). 

jpg portable hyberbaric chamber

Portable Hyberbaric Chamber
Adam Day, of Diversified Diving, receives training. Inside the chamber
during the training was diver Alan Benitz of Ketchikan.
Photograph by Dick Kauffman 06/05

Harrison's Company has a portable decompression chamber that is capable of desending to 5 atmospheres which is an incrediable portable machine.  For every 33 feet (10 meters) of depth in sea water, the ambient pressure increases by an an additional 14.7 psi (1 atm).  "A key point here for understanding other aspects of diving physics and physiology, is to realize that the greater the pressure, the more tightly packed (i.e., more highly concentrated) gas molecules are.  As a result, when surfacing too fast, the gas bubbles expand causing decompression sickness.  The chamber is the treatment of choice for this." According to Ed Fry, Ketcjolan Station Manager and Divemaster.

"It (the chamber) will be available to both recreational divers as well as commercial divers in the Southeast Region of Alaska," according to Greg Harrison.  Additionally, Harrison says, "the key here is to impact the survivability of someone who is a victim of decompression sickness."

Harrison's team will provide a certified chamber technician to accompany the critical care air transport team to get them (the patient) to a hyperbaric chamber.  That is what it is about, providing total medical care to anyone who need to be transported to a hospital that has services that can save the lives of Alaskans and visitors.

Harrison and Fry agree that with diving, medical treatment and treatment of the bends it is a "win-win" for the community where they live and work.

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