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Landis Campaign Discusses Primary Election Results


August 25, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - David Landis of Ketchikan, who is challenging recently-appointed incumbent Bert Stedman of Sitka for the State Senate District "A" seat reacted to the primary election results of Tuesday evening by saying, "Our campaign is very pleased with the results. The purpose of a primary election is for each party to choose their candidates, and we've now dispensed with that formality. We won!" Landis went on to say "We also knew it would be a lopsided vote count because of the unequal numbers of voters taking the ballot we were on, the ballot with no primary race that folks were concerned about. Our pool of voters should have been less than 20% of the total, since the only contests were on the Republican ballot."

The Landis Campaign will analyze the primary election data to get further insight as to the dynamics of the general election in November. Landis said, "We actually wanted those voters eligible to choose the Republican ballot to do so. It's important to help determine the contested local and state primaries. That data will be very useful to our analysis."

Leilani Finau, Campaign Manager for Landis, explained some of the Campaign's primary election strategy this way: "Unlike our opponent, Bert Stedman, who was appointed by the governor last year, we came into the race relatively late, so our time has been best spent in two important areas instead of in a high-profile advertising and sign effort. First, we have been building an effective campaign plan and team. Second, we have been walking through neighborhoods and talking to people about the leadership and ideas that David Landis will bring to Juneau. We've been getting a great response from people!"

Landis also wanted people to know that the Campaign has been busy behind the scenes, letting the primary election play itself out. "Our plan has been to conserve resources for the General Election, since we have no primary opponent and since this is a fundamentally different campaign than the one Mr. Stedman is running." Landis continued by saying "Some candidates have more financial resources than others. Some also have the big business and industry establishment fully behind them. The David Landis campaign is all about the people of Southeast Alaska.. That's our slogan - "People First, Alaskan Values'".

Landis concluded his thoughts on the primary by saying, "There were no victories in the Stedman-Landis race this go-around. Mr. Stedman knows that as well as I do. The general election is coming soon, where voters will have a very real contrast in the two candidates Will they support the 'establishment machine' or show individual citizens that we still care about them? Will we sanction closed door deal-making versus open and accountable government? Do we want to give up our dividends to pay for state government? I hope that the answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO!"

For her part, Landis' Campaign Manager Finau simply stated, "The David Landis for State Senate Campaign is very pleased that the primary election went exactly as planned. For us, the real race starts right now."


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