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Gathering of the Carvers
by Vanessa L. DeBourguignon


August 22, 2004

I am so proud of what my Mother, Nyna Fleury, has done for the Totem Pole Carvers Convention and the Warming of the hands ceremony. She has always been an inspiration to me; and for me to be able to log onto a website from my hometown, Ketchikan AK, and see my mother doing what she loves best, which is making everyone happy and making everyone a part of something great, makes me smile.

I knew that when she took that first trip to Japan with the other Natives, that something wonderful would come out of it; and it did. Not only is it going to be the LARGEST Totem Pole Carving convention of all time but there are supporters all around the world that dedicate themselves to preserving the culture.

Right now I am attending the University of Phoenix studying business relations. I still have three years left of studying but I will be home shortly thereafter. I wish I could be there with her and I hope to see updates on this website! I now have it saved to my computer.

Overall, I want my mom to know just how much our family is proud of her and wish her all the best for the next few weeks during the carving.

Vanessa L. DeBourguignon
Sacramento, CA - USA



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