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Land swap controversy
by LeiLani Lake


August 02, 2004

I have read both sides of the controversy regarding the land swap for the arts center with some interest.

If Ketchikan is is a good position as Ms. Dahl says then have the Arts Council get a grant or go for a loan to obtain the land they desire. Giving away land to get back land we already gave anyway once seems more than an little crazy.

When the City sold the Spruce Mill property for little more than nothing there was talk about the big give away - yes the property is back on the tax roles but here we are discussing swapping valuable land for something we obviously didn't want or it wouldn't have been sold off.

I too love the things that the arts have done for our community but I also feel that as a community we should received appropriate compensation for every parcel that is sold. It is time that we as a community quit going backwards and get just value for the property that is held at Ward Cove.

LeiLani Lake
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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