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Ward Cove Land Scheme
by Robert D. Warner


August 02, 2004

Thank you Mr. Bolling for your frank letter about the Ward Cove Land scheme.  Borough taxpayers continue to be at the mercy of special interest groups and face ever increasing tax increases and fees.  Yes, isn't it ironic that two members of the "gang of four" on the assembly are running for state offices?
At a minimum, this Borough land trade should go to a public vote for approval or rejection.  This clearly represents a decision that should be decided by the people rather than the Assembly.  Why do these four assembly members fear the voice of the people?  Why do they force residents to pay more for essential services such as fire protection, sewer services and transportation?  This summer, citizens and visitors even have to wait longer for a trip to the airport as one of the ferries is tied up at the dock out of service.
This  "arts center" is likely to become a future drain for taxpayers in my opinion.  Let's be realistic, would it actually ever make money or break even?  If it did, why don't private business and/or special interest non profit groups provide funds for the purchase of land, construction, and facility operations?  Has anyone taken a look at the property to be gained in this trade?  Where are people going to park in this overcrowded area of the city?  Are we going to ask the public to build and pay for a expensive parking garage?
The land being "given away" at Ward Cove is also open to many unanswered questions.  It was once used for log and product storage as well as employee parking when the mill was operating.  Where will these activities be relocated if the veneer plant was ever to reopen?  The questions go on and on with few if any answers.
Thank you again Mr. Bolling for bringing this important issue to our attention. 
Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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