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Nation's Debt Crisis
By Kimberly Peters


July 29, 2011

I watched the President's speech on Raising the Deficit Ceiling. What's the problem? Why can't the House and the Senate just realize that we are in serious trouble here and we need to cut spending now!

I think that we should be taxing the millionaires and billionaires and giant corporations like Obama said in his speech, and we should be cutting spending on everything that we don't need.

The government needs a lesson on needs and wants. What we need is totally different than what we want. The government and all these corporations have become spoiled, greedy and destructive and it must stop NOW!

I believe that we as a community should be cutting costs also. Do we really need a new Library... NO we don't! I know there are a lot of other things that our city and borough waste millions and millions of dollars on.

Let's get back to a simpler life and live within our means. Let's set an example and save for our future... it's time to save people not spend. Let's get our bills paid and get out of debt!

Maybe we should take every congressman and woman and every senator and kick them out of office and make it like jury duty where everyone gets called for a turn, then maybe we wouldn't have corrupt officials doing things for their own personal gain.

Something drastic has to change, I am very concerned about the future of our nation and you should be as well. Complain to your city and borough officials and write letters to your governors, congressmen and elected officials and tell them what you think, if we the people don't rally who will?

Kimberly Peters
Ketchikan, AK

About: "34 Year Alaska resident"

Received July 28, 2011 - Published July 29, 2011


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