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Diabolical Deficit Ceiling issues
By A. M. Johnson


July 27, 2011

Editor, Sitnews,

The current time is 11:00 AM local 7/26/11. I have just attempted to connect to Senator Lisa Murkowski's, Senator Begich's, and Representative Don Young's offices to send the following letter regarding the pending negotiation on the Debt Ceiling issue. Access is denied at this time. To what this denial is chargeable I have no idea. Either is it a planned "System Failure" due to the nature of the issue, or the system has been over loaded by public submission such as my own.

Following is my thoughts and concerns, first to Lisa then will be re-addressed to the other two.

Senator Murkowski, (Begich,Young): Under any of the proposals regarding budget "Cuts" either by House or the Senate there are no actual"Cuts" only anticipated or to be proposed,midget budget reduction amounts .

While you three will succumb to voting for one of those plans offered, be advised that I fully understand that the old "Washington Games" are being played. While Obama has spent 9 Trillion in the time of his office holding into the debt ceiling raise for the next year, you are going to vote for, the 1 trillion reduction, not cut of the next TEN YEARS may not transpire. Any of you three may not be in office for those TEN YEARS. What I am saying, Lisa, Mark and Don, is you and your cohorts on both sides of the aisle are playing the public for the dupes you believe we are.

Again, there are NO CUTS. the old game of identifying proposed items for reduction consideration or items that future legislators could rejuvenate,or had been authorized and not yet established. If you really wanted cuts you would take up the balanced budget legislation and at the same time, return to the 2008 budget total. That would represent a REAL 10-20% real reduction. the public understands an actual CUT over Bull Feathers and Natural Farm Fertilizer!

The Nation existed at that level quite handsomely. The current budget growth reflected is the result of a huge growth of the Federal Government through employee positions and outrageous pay increases across the board particularly during the current administration. (those concerns and examples have been sent to each of you in prior submissions).

Too simple for you to comprehend is the daily undertaking of the average "Employed private Citizen" in addressing the "Family Budget" constraints due in light of the political price to be paid with recognizing the void of a parallel similarity to those of the "Takers" of Federal largess who contribute little or none to the well being of this Nation.

I pray to God that the Freshmen and conservative members of both houses will "Hold" and force this budget/deficit issue to the standstill required for stripping the coverage of deceit being played by you and the progressive members of Congress more interested in re-election and or philosophical positions regarding the continuance of kicking this can down the road believing you can spend the deficit into balance, over the intent of the framers of our great Constitution to form a free market Nation.

On another sector related to this submission, I am offended that there is a proposal to form yet another to be ignored, committee of House and Senate members, 12 in total, that will in effect, decide a matter that the full House and Senate were elected to do, make decisions WITH DEBATE AND REVIEW BY BOTH HOUSES AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC, PRIOR TO ANY VOTE on legislative agenda items. To have a up or down vote without debate on decisions made behind closed doors is both repulsive and unconscionable.

If you each, can not stand and decide in open session with full debate, on the fate of our economically well being, then quit.

Should you not sense my full and complete disgust in the manner in which the Federal Government is being run be assured that I am that discussed

Lastly, the quicker the issue of "States Rights" be given priority in addressing the continuing cost of Federal Government deficit with regards to the vast holding of land and resource complete with Federal restrictions at a huge annual expense, the quicker America will return to being the natural leader of the Free World with regards to the economy through private job sector growth. This too is a Constitutional issue that Congress chooses to ignore, along with immigration cost, in the debate of reduction of the Federal debt and annual budget allocation of monies it does not possess except through borrowing from China.

The elimination of many Federal Governmental agencies (May I suggest the Department of Energy, EPA,Commerce, Education, be among the first for these considerations?) and the passing of these responsibilities to the States will reduce the Federal authority and budget demands by Billions if not a Trillion plus, on an annual basis. Be assured that closer to home local oversight by individual States of their respective acquisition of former Federal holdings will quicken the turn around of our National and International status to the prominence it so richly deserves.


Ketchikan, AK

About: "Elder concerned for the future of our Nation "

Received July 26, 2011 - Published July 27, 2011


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