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A Thoughtless Way To Fix the Problem of SJ
By Nicole Paggett


July 26, 2007
Thursday PM

As many now know, SJ has decided to "suspend" operations for an untold amount of time. As a former student, I have a unique perspective on this matter.

You see, I am one of the many who was devastated to see this institution go. And it is not only students who have been hurt by this action. It is faculty, staff, administrators, everyone.

Now, I am not saying the college should have stayed open. But was a little notice too much to ask? Was it imperative that they cancel insurance benefits on that day at that moment? Could they not have sent letters to students that week, instead of waiting nearly three weeks, and wasting precious time for continuing coeds?

What SJ did may have been right, but the way they did it speaks volumes of their ethics. I can only hope the best for my fellow-former students. And to those who worked tirelessly, and often thanklessly, for all of us, I thank you and hope you can move forward without too much hassle.

May God bless you all. And I hope the "Trustees" are sleeping well tonight while their former students stay up stressed about their education.

Pat Sheahan, if you read this, you embodied everything good that was SJ. I will miss you.

Nicole Paggett
Sitka, AK

Received July 26, 2007 - Published July 26, 2007

About: "I am a former student of SJC. I attended for two and a half years. I now reside in my home state of Washington, and have begun the fight to continue my education. Wish me luck!"

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