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Sheldon Jackson College's authorization to operate in Alaska cancelled


July 21, 2007

(SitNews) - The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education announced Tuesday that it is cancelling authorization of Sheldon Jackson College located in Sitka to operate a postsecondary education institution in Alaska.

The commission is the state's higher education consumer protection agency charged with authorizing the operation of postsecondary institutions in Alaska.

State law requires that a college's authorization to operate be canceled within 30 days of the institution ceasing to operate as a postsecondary institution. The cancellation is based on the recent decision by the Sheldon Jackson Board of Trustees to suspend operation for a year.

Commission staff are facilitating storage of student records and arrangements for students to complete degree programs and apply for any tuition refunds for which they may be eligible.

State law charges the commission with oversight of orderly program cessation, including the authority to require refunds and to attach an institution's surety bond, if necessary, to pay qualifying refunds or fund required teach-out activities.

The commission is encouraging Sheldon Jackson students impacted by the cessation of operations to contact the commission at 800-441-2962 toll-free, or at 465-2962 in Juneau.

According to the commission, the University of Alaska, particularly the Southeast Alaska campus, has extended itself to assist students seeking to complete degree requirements.

Commission Executive Director Diane Barrans noted that Sheldon Jackson College has struggled financially for a number of years. She said, "The commission is deeply disappointed to learn the college has not been able to continue operation, and we are committed to ensuring students at Sheldon Jackson College have the information and support resources they need to complete their higher education goals."




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