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Smoking in restaurants
By Randy M. Lake


July 16, 2007
Monday PM

I know I promised, thought I could drop-it. Sorry, couldn't. Not after the latest batch of letters on this subject. Ms Betterton asks, "what right does any government agency have to force a business owner to ban a legal enjoyment such as smoking?" Duh, the rights allowed under the US Constitution, every level of the Judicial system, State and local law, and the rights expressed by voters all affirmed over and over again by the Supreme Court. However what my co resident, Ms. Betterton does not see is that her and my rights end at the others nose. A non smoker does not affect smokers but a smoker effects all non smokers. Back when I smoked, I also had descent enough manners to not smoke in restaurants, as do many smokers. It is the smokers without descent manners that require legislation to protect everyone's right to not smoke. As to those views expressed by Ms. Kate Smith, first "Huh?" secondly, did you forget that "majority rule" IS the foundation of freedom and the overwhelming basis of our system of government?

Ms Ardath Piston, banning smoking and the wish to be free of second hand smoke, is no fad. Wake up and read the Surgeon General's reports on the effects of second hand smoke, look at what is happening in every state in the Union, the majority of Americans have had enough of the inconsiderate effects of smokers on not only their right to clean air but the health of themselves and their children. Finally this country and increasingly other countries are sick of the devastating impact of smokers on everyone's health. It may be sad to you, that descent behavior in public must be legislated, but that is the reality. And not just as to smoking. Finally, all Americans bear the cost to health care brought on by smokers.

Randy M. Lake
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 15, 2007 - Published July 16, 2007

About: "Non smoker, former smoker, semi retired professional, lousy cook, eats out often, has read a book (with a hard cover) traveled, former military police, former IRS auditor, self employed over 35 years."

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