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If it's "law" - just deal with it?
By Kate Smith


July 13, 2007
Friday PM

This letter is in response to Joey Tillson's letter, "To smoke or not?"

He states, "Based on my observations, there are more people offended by second-hand smoke in other places than there are in Ketchikan."

Beings that this is his observation, I can't help but wonder if he has given thought to why this may be?

Whether he is right or wrong in his observations, it should cause one to pause to think just about this.
Reflecting back in our lives, how often can it be said that our "discomforts" were increased when we spent too much time dwelling upon it? Think about that child who, after receiving an abrasion on his knee, picked himself right back up, dusted himself off and merrily continued on in play versus the boy who could not take his focus of his slightly banged up knee. Can anyone relate to this?

Now, neither boys would die from their superficial abrasion but the one focused on his "injury" certainly is responding as if he will.

Perhaps Ketchikan'ites (and other Alaskan's, in general) are less prone to an obsessive compulsive disorder? haha Maybe just as long as we are not continually inundated with constant messages of fear or refuse to fall into living such fearful lives...we will live happier lives and being as such, live longer ones? As a disclaimer, no...I don't think living recklessly is a good approach.

To this, I have to wonder and will ask: how many people truly think that their health is truly compromised in having been exposed to cigarette smoke outside their home e.g. restaurants, bars etc.?

Is it that you are truly worried for your health or could it be, that within that heart of truly are a bigot?

In our "enlightened" times, bigotry is frowned upon and rightly so. What a revelation it would be, to look into ourselves and find that we suffer such a spiteful spirit. A donkey in a dinner suit is...still a donkey. A tough pill to swallow and no doubt, many would not be willing to confront that and in this supposed "enlightened" age. Especially if they consider themselves to be amongst the "enlightened."

As to odor, that can be discussed. Yet, to that, I can only say that we get over it, somehow, no matter how discomforting. Need we incorporate laws banning perfume, body odor, restaurant's air thickened with grease etc.?

If such odor clings to us, that we find intolerable, we venture off to the shower and throw our clothing in the washer. End of story.

As to the title of this letter. Much to my chagrin, I find a person who states that it's law, just deal with it. As if, law is such a minor thing. Is it that because it's law, it must be right?

If it isn't, oh well...just throw up your arms and submit to tyranny? The "just deal with it" syndrome? No, we are to first work on preventing it.

If we can not prevent it, we must deal with it but surely not through complacency. That is unfitting for thinking human beings.

Having just past America's day of Independence, might I ask you to revisit why this holiday came to being. Why it mattered (and still does: spirit and strength in face of opposition and ultimately, prosperity) what it required and ultimately question, was it best for her people?

We could have submitted to the King of England, allowed him to create our laws and with that, thus accepted his laws for us.

I ask you, would that have been for the good of our people? Or any people!?

Laws may not be just and certainly, we should not carry on a complacent attitude towards them i.e. "just deal with it."

What would you think, Joey, to hear that there are those who are enforcers of law, who do not agree with all laws?

Laws: simply being enacted, does not make them inherently right.

It is our responsibility to see to it that they (unjust laws) do not become law, for good reason. When is it a good time to stand up for liberty? When only your interests/beliefs are at stake?

If so, fancy to have smokers on your side, or any person you were bigoted towards, that you didn't mind seeing "their" freedoms wash away?

Yes, those willing to carry that burden, that now matters to you? Careful.


Kate Smith
Wrangell, Ak.

Received July 12, 2007 - Published July 13, 2007

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