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To smoke or not?
By Joey Tillson


July 05, 2007
Thursday PM

I was reading Mr. Lake's letters as well as others from around the state over the years. I have an interest in this topic of smoking inside restaurants, bars, etc.

While I will not tell you whether or not I am for or against the smoking ban being initiated into possible law in the state of Alaska, I will tell you what I have observed both in the state of Alaska and outside it.

In the state of Alaska, most places have smoking. In fact, in Ketchikan alone, there is more smoking in restaurants than there is in Juneau. In fact, more people are acceptable of smoking in restaurants in Ketchikan than they are in Juneau, Anchorage and the Seattle area. Based on my observations, there are more people offended by second-hand smoke in other places than there are in Ketchikan.

I have witnessed what other organizations are doing in the lower 48 as well as what they are doing inside the state of Alaska. Since it's law in Washington state, people are going outside to smoke. They are required to go 25 feet away from any door way and/or window. Based on my observations, they don't all follow the law. In Alaska, the requirement is 10 feet from any door way and/or window. The businesses that do not allow smoking have people stepping outside. However, most people are also not stepping 10 feet away from the entrances. They linger within the doorway. Based on my observation, it's due to weather conditions.

When something is the law, it must be followed. Regardless of what people's opinion is, it still is law. You may not like it but you have to live with it.

However, what you do in your own home, for the most part is your business. As long as you are not breaking the law in your home, you can do what you wish. Someday there may be a ban on smoking all together so enjoy being able to do so with the limitations that are bestowed upon you.

People fear change but change is still coming. As I tell my children, you may not like it but deal with it. As for squawking children as Marshall Kelly's letter talks about, that's a whole other issue. Based on my observation, there are so many laws that should be in affect when it comes to kids, that it just won't happen. Especially those who shouldn't have children. But opinions are like cell phones, everyone's got one.

Joey Tillson
Ketchikan, AK

Received July 05, 2007 - Published July 05, 2007

About: "Observer, previously from the lower 48"

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