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On Global Warming
By Bob Harmon


July 16, 2007
Monday PM

I taught High School Creative Writing and English Composition for years and years, making the point to students that it is vitally important to entertain a bit when you write so that people in your target audience will read what you have written. Mark Neckameyer's latest letter in Sitnews about avocados and global warming is perfect. It is funny and entertaining and he certainly makes us think!

Mark Neckameyer points out that simply planting avocado pits will reverse "global warming". Allow me to say that switching over to nuclear energy like they do in Europe also eliminates dependance on foreign energy sources. It is also obvious that allowing exploration and drilling along the US Pacific Coast, in the Gulf of Mexico and here in Alaska also can make us free of dependance on the Saudis and Iranians. So
why don't we do it?

Why do both the Democrats and the Republicans in our government lie to us about how we are bound to pay the middle east sheiks $100 a barrel for their oil while we have our own oil and energy for the taking? It is a good question, don't you think?

Bob Harmon
Anchorage, AK

Received July 15, 2007 - Published July 16, 2007

About: "Retired Alaska Teacher"

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