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Good World Citizens Protecting Our Home
By Bob Harmon


July 11, 2007
Wednesday PM

Ms. Cooper sounds like a nice lady but she needs to realize that we in the US are a small, make that a tiny part of the world's population. If all the poor people in the world, everyone in poorer parts of Africa, South America and Asia, maybe 2 to 5 Billion poor people charged in here, there wouldn't be much room or food or anything left for the rest of us who built this great country with our sweat and blood and tax dollars. This is our home just like the houses we live in are our homes. Would Ms. Cooper let poor people take over her home because they need to?

The USA gives Billions of dollars in aid to poor countries annually. We use our Army and Navy at tremendous cost in lives and money to defend human rights around the globe. We set good examples of how to get ahead through education, capitalism, freedom, cooperation among our citizens and we do allow controlled immigration. This is on top of what individuals do through the Red Cross, Christian Children's Fund and countless other charities and missions. What Valerie is promoting is madness! It also is against the law so the people who do come that way tend to be criminals to start with!

The people in many poor nations are collectively responsible for their own problems. They allow bad governments or have too many children per family to educate or have religious or social systems that prevent modern lifestyles or like in Iraq these days, they fight all the time instead of working. Some European nations let in huge numbers of illegals and now their countries are in big trouble, their schools are in trouble, their taxes have skyrocketed and they have much more terrorism than we have. Look at France for example. We need to be good world citizens but we cannot allow ourselves to be overrun, agree, Valerie?

Bob Harmon
Retired Teacher
Anchorage, AK

Received July 11, 2007 - Published July 11, 2007


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