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Illegal immigrants
By Valerie Cooper


July 10, 2007

It has only been a little over 200 years since this country was overrun by Manifest Destiny and "first come, first serve". Now - what's the deal? These people willing to risk their lives and all they have, to illegally enter this country, do so because they have no food. They have no shoes. They live in little shacks with wells and little to no electricity. Their sewers run down the middle of the streets, and dysentery and diseases abound. Their children are in various stages of starvation. There is no where whatsoever to find any work. They are desperate because they are starving and absolutely have NO prospects. If you could not provide food for your families, this is what you would do too, just to survive.

If this "letter of the law" is so manifest destiny to you, why don't you go down there and try to HELP? Why doesn't our government start work projects down there so these people have *options*? Why not fly food, send doctors, Project Sewer Lines, or just ANYTHING at all, instead of sitting in your armchairs and whining? Ever hear of - walk a mile in their shoes?

Quit yer bitchin'! (so MANY more IMMINENT concerns about now, I would say)

Valerie Cooper
Saxman, AK

Received July 08, 2007 - Published July 10, 2007


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